#30Days2Grow is a one of a kind challenge for salon owners and their teams to grow their businesses. It is a FREE initiative that will run for 30 days from the day you sign up!


We live in a deep-discounting culture where salon prices have largely remained the same for years, however expenses and overheads have greatly increased. #30Days2Grow is a fun and unique challenge designed to help you grow your revenue by implementing some super easy ideas and helping you put your salon to the forefront of your clients minds.

Ask yourself and your team… “If we challenged ourselves for 30 days, could we take our salon to the next level?” With #30Days2Grow, the answer is “YES”.


The challenge is run by Phorest Salon Software – worry not. You do not need our software, or any salon software in fact to take part 🙂


We will send you one challenge/task per day that will be quick and easy to complete but will make a big impact on your salon. Simply register on the home page here and we will take care of the rest.


“I would highly recommend this to anyone, who like myself, is a new business owner. I have learned so much in my business.”

“I want to say BIG THANKS to all involved in 30 DAYS TO GROW….it has made me see things in a different light and also address issues I have had in my salon.”

“I loved doing the challenges! It made me feel a bit more in control of my business with the great ideas.”

“I don’t know if it’s 100% coincidence or not, but I had my highest month ever in July, when I did 30Days2Grow! I think a big part of my success was daily reminders to put time and effort into growing my business, rather than getting complacent.”

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