About 30Days2Grow

#30Days2Grow is a one-of-a-kind challenge for salon owners and their teams to grow their businesses. Open to all Phorest and non-Phorest clients, it’s a free initiative you can now do at your own pace. This is the fourth year of the challenge, and due to the current context, is focused around positive actions you and your team can take to help you successfully reopen your salon when COVID-19 restrictions lift in your area.

Over the past few years, thousands of salons, around the world, have taken part in this unique campaign. Sign up today and see how impactful it will be for your business.

When you look at the current crisis, the biggest concern is the sheer uncertainty of how long it’s going to last and what the long term impact on business will be. With that reality in mind, it can be difficult to stay positive and productive. However, there are a variety of things that can be done to benefit your business during this period. You’ve likely taken on a few Instagram challenges already, so why not take another one that can ensure a healthy return to trading once lockdown measures slowly get lifted, and life retakes its usual course? It’s time to empower your brand, one action at a time.


The challenge is powered by Phorest Salon Software – worry not. You do not need our software, or any salon software in fact to take part.


On the @phorestsalonsoftware account, you will find all of the 30 tasks on our grid and Instagram Story highlights. These will include a video and text explanation of the task. On this account’s IGTV channel, you will also be able to watch our task recaps (each one includes 7 tasks).

Hear from owner of Salon 54, Emma Simmons, who took last year’s challenge