Can I invite others to take part?

Of course! The more salons and spas that take part, the more we can send a message to the world about the hair and beauty industry’s importance to the economy and society in general. Plus it’s much more fun when members of your team and other salon owners you know take part. The more, the merrier! Why not share via email, social media or an SMS to someone ask them to take part with you 🙂

What should the outcome be?

At the end of the month after completing all the challenges and implementing all the tips you should certainly see a relative growth in your business as a whole: more retail sold; better retention rates and more new clients plus you should see an increase in your average bill. BUT… you the more effort you put into the challenge, the more you will get out of it.

How can I track my progress?

How you track your progress is entirely up to you, however, we will be providing you with a challenge tracker so you can tick off completed days.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost involved in signing up to 30Days2Grow. The challenges & tasks are designed to make you money – not take it away 🙂

Do you need software?

No, you do not need any software to take part in this challenge – all you need is a little bit motivation and hunger for success!

Who can take part?

Salon, spa, medi-aesthetic and barbering teams everywhere are invited to get involved and take part in the #30Days2Grow Challenge. That’s owners, managers, therapists, stylists etc. Basically ANYONE interested in growing the salon they own or work in 🙂